You can pick your rental at the place of your choice. We can deliver your Scooter/ Buggy at the Airport, the port or even at your Hotel or Studio.
You can book your car, scooter or boat directly from our website or you can visit our office at Myrties.
The minimum age limit to rent a scooter is 17 years.
You can pay for your rental with cash at our office, with a bank transfer or with a credit card.
No! If you wish to add a second driver to your rental you must fill the required form at our offices first.
Late returns can affect the type of rate assigned to the rental. Please call us to report returns of a date later than the date scheduled. In most cases, returns of less than 1 hour late will not be charged extra hours. Returns 61 minutes late or later will be charged extra. A late return of 3 hours or more will usually result in charge of another day.
In case of any issue please call our offices and we will make arrangements for you to be on your way as quickly as possible.
Generally, Margaritis Auto Moto vehicles, including 4-wheel drives, are to be operated only on regularly maintained roads. Off-road use is a violation of the rental agreement.
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